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Stroke Services: A Further Dent in Public Confidence – Grant

Public confidence in local hospital services will be further eroded with the announcement that services for local stroke patients are to be moved, albeit temporarily, to Craigavon’, says Nicola Grant of the Workers Party.

‘One of the key factors in stroke recovery is prompt assessment and treatment . The earlier medical attention is received the better the chances of  limiting  a stroke’s impact, or even saving a life.

‘Potential delays in transferring patients to Craigavon Hospital are cause for serious concern’, she said.’Regrettably, we are all too familiar with ‘temporary’ arrangements. To reassure members of the public the Southern Trust must keep every one informed of the additional ambulance cover which has been arranged and of their plans to return stroke services to Daisy Hill and deliver on their two week commitment.

Nicola said:

“Everyone should also be aware of the signs of a potential stroke and be familiar with the F.A.C.T guidelines for recognising and responding to the signs of a stroke.”


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