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Taoiseach Micheál Martin T.D. on the Northern Ireland Assembly Elections

On Thursday, the people of Northern Ireland voted to elect the members of the Northern Ireland Assembly, as provided for under the Good Friday Agreement.I would like to congratulate all of the successful candidates on their election.

It is now incumbent on all political parties and elected representatives to deliver on their mandate, through the nomination of a First and deputy First Minister and the formation of a new Executive to serve the interests of all of the people of Northern Ireland.

Power-sharing and principles of partnership, equality and mutual respect are at the heart of the Good Friday Agreement, through which peace has been secured and progress achieved for almost 25 years. A new power-sharing Executive is vital for progress and prosperity for all in Northern Ireland.  

As a co-guarantor of the Good Friday Agreement, the Government will continue to work in partnership with the British Government and engage with the leaders of the political parties in Northern Ireland to seek and support the effective operation of all of the political institutions of the Agreement.


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