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No Change in Newry and Armagh Following Election Result

It seems Newry and Armagh is experiencing Groundhog Day as the same candidates and parties are returned in this year’s assembly election. Both Conor Murphy and Cathal Boylan of Sinn Fein were elected on the first count while their colleague Liz Kimmins, SDLP’s Justin McNulty and William Irwin of the DUP had to postpone the celebrations and wait just a little bit longer.

Newry and Armagh results as follows:

Following the fifth count, the following candidates were deemed elected in the Newry and Armagh constituency: 

Conor Murphy (SF)

Cathal Boylan (SF)

Justin McNulty (SDLP)

Liz Kimmins (SF)

William Irwin (DUP) 

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