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Standing Up For Farmers – Dodds

Upper Bann DUP MLA Diane Dodds today stood alongside farmers and representatives of the agri food sector as they made their views known to MLAs ahead of the climate change debate at Stormont.

Speaking on the Bill and the changes sought by SF, The Alliance party and others Mrs Dodds said,

“Climate change legislation should be fair, credible and backed with scientifically backed targets.  I believes that the Ministers Bill achieves that.

However we are in a strange position at the Northern Ireland Assembly in that MLAs are currently dealing with two bills on climate change.  Many farmers and those within the agri food sector are alarmed that some of the amendments to the Ministers Bill and the Green Party/Sinn Fein Bill would decimate the local agri food sector.  Indeed in order to meet the targets set out in the Green Party/ Sinn Fein Bill the agri food and farming sector would need to see an 86% reduction in cattle and sheep numbers.

The impact on farmers and rural communities and indeed jobs in the agri food sector would be devastating.

I am proud of NI’s farmers, our rural communities and agri food business.  In Upper Bann they provide thousands of jobs and support families.  Farmers want to be part of the solution to Climate Change.  Their views should be heard and legislation should protect their way of life.”

Lagan River DUP Cllr and farmer Tim McClelland who also was in attendance said, “ It was pleasing to see such an excellent turnout of farmers at Parliament Buildings this morning. Our industry is in peril.

It is vital that the Climate Change Bill endorsers and includes the expert advice form the Climate Change Committee. Any other target would be disastrous for our farming families. I will always stand with our farmers.”


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