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Newry Political Party Reveals Truth About Cuts to Daisy Hill Hospital

Newry based political party the IRSP Newry has revealed via social media that they have been approached by a whistle blower who has explained the truth behind the cuts to services at Daisy Hill Hospital.

The reveal comes a week after the Southern Trust announced the removal of emergency general surgery at the Daisy Hill site and its immediate transfer to Craigavon Area Hospital.

Speaking from their social media the IRSP Newry said:

“In recent days a whistleblower has come forward to reveal the true extent of cuts at Daisy Hill Hospital. 

They also reveal the Southern Trust’s calculated plan which has rendered Daisy Hill a ghost Hospital.”

“For the last year or more all surgeons (bar one) have slowly but surely moved to Craigavon Area Hospital. The only surgeon to remain is nearing retirement and has one foot out the door.

The Southern Trust has only notified the public recently of this grave situation. So as to minimise any response time. 

Over the last number of years, the Trust has methodically stripped Daisy Hill of vital support services: ICU Department & Anaesthetists, which in effect makes it impossible to do complex surgeries at Daisy Hill Hospital.” 

“The Whistleblower has revealed that Surgeons have been directed to do locums at Daisy Hill in the short to medium term, if the public kick up a stink. 

The Trust have also assured surgeons that this will only be for a time, as emergency surgery will be going to Craigavon regardless! 

The removal of emergency surgery will automatically remove A&E status at Daisy Hill. Overnight, our A&E will merely become a Unit, another stop point on the way to Craigavon. 

The Southern Trust has stealthily stripped away services to create the perfect storm. All the while our elected representatives sit on their hands squabbling about the protocol.”


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