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TUV’s Eve of Poll Message

Statement by TUV leader Jim Allister:-

“To vote TUV 1 is to signal irreversible opposition to the Union-destroying Protocol. No ifs, no buts. We can never come to terms with the core tenet of the Protocol and Windsor Whitewash that GB is a foreign country and we must trade and run our economy accordingly. We stand for the Union, the whole Union and nothing but the Union. 

“Equally, voting TUV is to repudiate IRA/Sinn Fein rule. While others would usher Sinn Fein into government by acting as Michelle O’Neill’s bridesmaid, TUV refuses to take the knee to the enthronement of Sinn Fein. If that means no Stormont, so be it. Imperfect Direct British Rule is much to be preferred over Republican rule. 

“So I urge all unionists alarmed by the iniquitous Protocol and the infamy of Sinn Fein rule to vote TUV 1 on Thursday. Later transfers should not stray outside the unionist family. For strength, not weakness – Vote TUV.”


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