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Unite Launches UK Wide Campaign to Get Bone Marrow Donor for 8 Year Old Local Boy

Unite Community Newry has launched a UK wide campaign to find a donor for little Bobby, an 8 year old boy from the Newry area who needs a donor fast.

Martin McKeown Newry Unite Community Chairperson, speaking at the launch of UK wide campaign “ time is of the essence, we are going to pull out all the stops on this, and do our utmost to try and get Bobby a Donor.”

Register now

“ we implore everyone to join the register, and if you are unable to because of medical reasons, please share to family, friends and neighbours; this disease does not discriminate, so we have to fight back, joining the register is the only safeguard and defence we have”

Martin continues “ at the moment, only 3% of the population ( uk wide) is on the stem cell register, this is way too low. Our campaign is targeting our membership, which is 1.4 million and also the wider public. There is strength in a Union, we will leave no stone unturned in this quest!”

UNITE to save Bobby’s life!


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