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Alliance Unsure Over Irish Unity

The Irish unity question has become a key part of the political scene over the last number of years with the conversation over Irish unification growing. With many parties nailing their colours to yes or no masts the Alliance Party states they have no position on Irish unity. A move set to annoy nationalists and republicans who are keen on Irish reunification.

A spokesperson for the Alliance Party said:

“Alliance does not have a position on Irish unity but we do recognise people in Northern Ireland have different constitutional aspirations and we respect all of those.

We also acknowledge we have a fluid situation in which the constitutional question is being debated, and that situation has been significantly fuelled by Brexit.”

They added:

“Our priority is to make this Northern Ireland work, to promote reconciliation and to build integration, to grow our economy and improve our public services.

Wherever you draw a line on a map, these will be challenges that we must address.”


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