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Saoradh Launch Easter Lily Campaign in Newry

The Republican Party Saoradh today [April 2nd] launched their Easter Lily campaign in Newry.

With the anniversary of the 1916 Easter Rising fast approaching, party members gathered at the Republican plot in St Mary’s Cemetery to launch this patriotic emblem. 

Speaking from the Republican Plot local Saoradh activist and community worker Anthony Coyle said “As Republicans we rightly remember, and adhere to, the original origins of the Easter lily, from a symbol to remember our patriot dead to supporting Republican Prisoners of War.

“Sadly others, no longer involved in the Republican struggle, choose to ignore the important reasons that the Easter lily exists.” 

The community ambassador continued “Easter is a time to remember, reflect and rededicate and we urge people to wear their Easter Lily with pride.

Saoradh activists will be visiting areas across Newry over the coming week to provide local communities with Easter lilies. We also have paper and metal badge lilies available in our Newry office at 32 St Mary’s Street.” 

Anthony finished by referencing the party’s upcoming Easter Commemoration “Our annual Newry Easter Commemoration takes place on Easter Saturday at 12 noon. Assemble at St Mary’s Church.” 


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