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McNulty: Sport Has The Power to Bring Our People Together

SDLP Sports Spokesperson Justin McNulty has said that sport has the power to bring people across Ireland together. 

He was speaking after introducing a motion at the SDLP Conference in Derry.

Newry & Armagh MLA Mr McNulty said: 

“Throughout our history we have seen the powerful potential that sport has to bring people together. From the GAA, to soccer, golf, rugby and everything in between, sport is something that we have in common, the love of playing it, watching it, going to games with our family and friends, it’s a great leveller and fosters a real community spirit, the kind it’s hard to find anywhere else. 

“I have long been an advocate of sport having the potential to change not only people’s lives, but their entire outlook. As we intensify our work towards a New Ireland I want to see an All-Island Sports Strategy that facilitates and supports regular participation in sports and physical activity for all children, regardless of their ability.  

“Sport of all kinds can teach our young children a wide range of lessons, from working as part of team  to helping them navigate the highs and lows, to confidence, resilience and communication building that will stand them in good stead throughout their lives, readying them for whatever challenge or obstacle may come their way. I have seen first hand the health benefits it has on people’s body, spirit and mind and believe that sport in all its forms can become an even more powerful cornerstone of our society as we work towards building a better future for us all.

“I want to see a New Ireland where the power of sport and physical activity is strategically harnessed and celebrated to grow a more resilient, healthy and happier society.”


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