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TUV Slam Alliance Party’s Move to Hold Pride Parade in ABC Council

The TUV has slammed the Alliance Party for suggesting that ABC Council hold an annual pride event in the district despite a cost of living crisis and financial constraints within the Council budget. The party has also slammed the supposedly “equality driven” Alliance Party despite excluding Christians in their proposal.

Statement by Lagan Valley TUV branch chairman Samuel Morrison:

“Calls from Alliance for Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon Council to hold an annual “pride” event including council representation should be strongly opposed.

“Recently the council found itself unable to provide the most basic of services to ratepayers when, for months, bins went un-emptied and rubbish piled up on our roadsides. Yet now Alliance wants the council to find the money to host an annual pride event. Is this really the most prudent use of ratepayer’s money?

“If there was any real appetite for such an event in our council area those involved would be well able to organise it themselves without having the assistance of the council and the associated expense to the public. Every year countless parades are held across the council area which receive minimal support from the council; and often none at all. It looks like this is another case of the LGBT movement demanding special treatment and expecting everyone else to pay for it.

“Furthermore, there are people within ABC Council who will oppose the very idea of a “pride” event. Many of the causes espoused by this movement – such as the campaign against so-called “conversion therapy” – are explicitly anti-Christian in their nature. Alliance like to portray themselves as the party of equality and respect for everyone but here they are bringing a proposal which will obviously exclude many people with Christian values. Are they going to ensure that Equality Impact Assessment is carried out before they proceed with this proposal?

“Let’s not forget that last summer Alliance reported people to the police because they put up bunting in Lurgan. Yet here they are wanting to see “pride” flags  – which many find both offensive and divisive – not just erected but erected at public expense!”


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