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Saoradh Newry to Protest Joe Biden Visit

Any notion that US imperialist President Joe Biden will visit the Newry area as part of his excursion to occupied Ireland will be vigorously opposed according to the Revolutionary Republican Party Saoradh.

The announcement came after the SDLP Council chair has written to the White House inviting the warmonger to the area claiming that he has some kind of remote linkage to the locality.

Speaking from the party’s Newry office local Saoradh representative Stephen Murney said “The reality is that Joe Biden, and his administration, has been responsible for the deaths of countless people, including in Syria where he gave the order for his regime to launch fatal Air strikes. 

“Furthermore he is a staunch ally of the Israeli government, and their war machine, and has acted as an apologist for their Zionist crimes stating “they had a right to defend themselves”.

“In 2021 in response to his Zionist support Saoradh members in Newry removed pro-Biden signage that had been erected at the Albert Basin site.”

Stephen continued “Anybody who had hoped that Biden’s election a few years ago would mean an end to, or even a decrease, in US interventionism are clearly deluded.

“Anyone in Newry who fawns over this warmonger because of some supposed distant linkage to the nearby Cooley area needs their head checked. 

“It is clear that whoever sits in the White House matters very little, the US will continue their imperialist war crimes around the world.” 

Murney concluded “If any attempts are made to bring Joe Biden to the Newry area Irish Republicans will not be found wanting when it comes to opposing it. 

“It’s ironic that the SDLP would portray themselves as promoters of peace yet here they are begging a man of violence to visit our area.”


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