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McKernan Calls for Lights for Ballymacnab Chapel

SDLP Cusher Representative Emmajayne McKernan has called for lights along the roadside at Ballymacnab Chapel, saying ‘the area is extremely dangerous’.

Mrs McKernan said, “The need for roadside lighting at Ballymacnab Chapel has been a long running issue and its about time it is finally resolved by the Department of Infrastructure.  

“In the dark evenings, it is extremely dangerous for road users of the main Armagh-Newtownhamilton Road, to suddenly come across so many parked cars and people walking to chapel. It is also extremely dangerous for road users as the traffic is extremely fast at this location. Some lighting which lights up during mass time would really improve safety at this location.

“Previously we have been told that budget constraints will not allow for this project but there is plenty of potential to use green energy sources such as solar powered lighting to deliver this project.

“This is not a wish list, this is a safety essential on a main cross border route.

“I have written to DfI to urge them to reconsider this project and to be innovative in designing a proposal which would finally deliver much needed lighting at this location.”


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