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Disgraced Former NMD Councillor to Stand Trial Accused of Attempting to Sexually Communicate With Two Children

By Paul Higgins

A former DUP councillor was today (thurs) ordered to stand trial accused of attempting to sexually communicate with two ‘children.’

Although William Walker was originally charged with the offences six months ago, today (thurs) is the first time the 60-year-old has actually appeared in court.

Standing in the dock of Downpatrick Magistrates Court in an open necked white shirt and black suit jacket, Walker confirmed he had received the papers and statements to allow the Preliminary Enquiry to proceed and that he had no objection to the PE, necessary to elevate any case to the Crown Court.

Walker, originally from Killyleagh but now with a bail address at a hotel on the Palentine Road in Blackpool, is facing two counts of attempting to sexually communicate with ‘children’ Sammy Jo and Daisy May between 10-23 February last year “for the purpose of obtaining sexual gratification” when he did not reasonably believe they were over 16.

Former Rowallane DUP Councillor William Walker

It is understood the charges arise after a sting by a so-called paedophile hunter group who alerted the police and they in turn arrested Walker who has since resigned from the DUP.

Although the alleged facts surrounding the charges were not opened, a prosecuting lawyer submitted that the papers and statements formed the basis of a case to answer against the alleged pervert and that was conceded by defence counsel Conan Rea.

The court clerk told Walker, who served on Newry, Mourne and Down council before his resignation, that although not obliged to he had the right to comment on the charges and to call both evidence or witnesses on his behalf.

Walker however declined the opportunity.

Returning the case to Downpatrick Crown Court but not fixing a date for Walker to be arraigned, District Judge Amanda Brady freed the former councillor on his own bail of £300 with conditions to reside at an address a provided by police and to have no unsupervised contact with children unless approved by Social Services.


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