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SDLP Encourages Political Leaders to Approach Windsor Framework in Good Faith

SDLP Leader Colum Eastwood MP has encouraged political leaders to approach the terms of a deal between the European Commission and the British Government in good faith and with a determination to restore the democratic institutions in Northern Ireland.

Colum Eastwood MP said:

“The SDLP will study the legal text of the agreement between the European Commission and the British Government in detail over the coming hours. Our primary goals have been to retain the benefits of dual market access for businesses in Northern Ireland, restore the democratic institutions of the Good Friday Agreement and to send politicians back to work in the interests of all our people.

“My appeal to political leaders is to approach this moment in good faith and with a common determination to restore our Assembly and Executive. People have been badly let down with no government for far too long. It is time to abandon the politics of division and deadlock.

“To those intent on intervening in this process to bolster their own political position I would say this – do not attempt to wreck this deal, to demolish the hope of a resolution that serves the people of Northern Ireland. Do not let fragile egos inflict further damage to our fragile settlement.

“The SDLP will approach this deal in good faith determined to get to work.” 


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