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Irish Defence Forces Sees Increased Interest In Recruitment From The North

2022 brought its fair share of challenges with 2023 set to be no different for the Irish Defence Forces with recruitment high on their list of priorities. With interest in the Defence Forces high, cross border recruitment has certainly increased over the last number of years.

Clanrye News and Sport caught up with the head of recruitment and competitions Commandant Lisa McMahon ahead of what should be a busy year for cross border recruiting.

Speaking to Clanrye News and Sport Comdt McMahon said:

“The Irish Defence Forces are recruiting all year round to our enlisted ranks in the Army, Navy and Air Corps. The age criteria for Army and Air Corps is 18-25 and 18-27 for the Navy with the recruitment process being very competitive.”

The Irish Defence Forces has seen an increase in recruits from the North of Ireland

It seems that interest in the Irish Defence Forces in the North of Ireland is extremely high with recruits from across the border intent on joining both the permanent and reserve aspects of the Irish Defence Forces.

“We have noticed an increase in interest from the North of Ireland with members of the public interested in both our PDF and RDF ranks. As a diverse organisation we welcome anyone from any background to try out for the Defence Forces, as long as you have Irish citizenship you will be very welcome to take part in any of our recruitment competitions.

Recruits from the North of Ireland are very welcome to try out for recruitment and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact any of our social media accounts and someone will try to answer your questions as best they can.”

The Irish Defence Forces boasts a competitive recruitment process

The Irish Defence Forces have an energetic recruitment process with applicants being invited to take part in a psychometric test, information of which can be found via their website. A garda vetting process will follow as well as group assessments, fitness tests and a medical. Comdt McMahon told Clanrye News and Sport that the entire process should take between 4-6 months.

Like many armed forces around the world the Irish Defence Forces have a Reserve Corps known as the Reserve Defence Force or RDF. The RDF itself is very popular with recruits enjoying military life part time alongside work/family commitments.

Comdt McMahon said:

“The RDF is very popular amongst the public as it allows recruits to enlist in military training alongside their work. The RDF can be very handy regarding a work life balance and we have certainly seen an increase in interest especially in the North of Ireland.”

Comdt McMahon who comes from a military family herself highly recommended life in the Irish Defence Forces noting an array of opportunities especially for women.

Comdt McMahon added:

“I remember when I joined there was a large number of women applying for the Defence Forces but as head of recruitment I have definitely seen an increase in women and even foreign nationals who have Irish citizenship applying to join.

I highly recommend considering life within the Irish Defence Forces as it gives you an opportunity to learn new skills and build relationships with new people. It’s definitely an enjoyable experience and something you will never forget so please check out our Facebook, Instagram and Youtube pages for more information.”

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