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Saoradh Conduct Community Patrols in Newry

Once again Saoradh activists have conducted visible pro-active walkabouts in the Meadow area of Newry to ensure the safety of local residents and property.

Party members visited Clanrye Avenue, Killeavy Road and Slieve Gullion Road this evening [Feb 1st] and engaged with numerous residents. 

Speaking from Saoradh’s Newry office local activist Anthony Coyle explained “This was organised following an upsurge in anti-community activity such as attempted break-ins at knife point, burglaries and the latest incident in which a pregnant woman was almost dragged from her vehicle by a would be car thief. 

“This is something that we should not have to do. We should not live in a society where activists have to patrol areas to keep them safe. 

“Sadly there is no easy solution and there is no quick fix to these community problems. We won’t be able to do these patrols forever but we will continue to do this as long as necessary.” 

Coyle continued “This type of behaviour is unacceptable and as always we will do all in our power to help. The good, decent people of Newry will stand firm against anti-community activity as they always have.

“If anyone has any information on these or any similar acts of unwanted behaviour please contact our Newry office at 32 St Mary’s Street.”


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