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Newry Slumlords Stealing £600 Vouchers From Tenants

In the past week it has come to the attention of the wider Republican Movement in Newry that a number of landlords have stolen the £600 energy voucher from their tenants.

Local Saoradh spokesperson Cliodhna McCool explained “On at least one occasion a female tenant was “kicked out” of the home for simply asking for the voucher from her landlord. 

“As the days get colder, and the price of heating our homes gets higher, Saoradh will not be found wanting when it comes to challenging slum landlords.” 

McCool continued “Not so long ago Saoradh in Newry highlighted a case in which a local landlord was charging extortionate rent in the Derrybeg area of the city. It is appalling that in a cost of living crisis these vermin would make a bad situation worse for working class families.

“In such dire times its abhorrent that greed fuelled capitalists would resort to theft. Saoradh demand that these vouchers be handed back with immediate effect.”

Cliodhna concluded by saying “Anyone facing issues with housing or slumlords can contact any Saoradh representative or contact our office at 32 St Mary’s Street.” 


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