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Harte Welcomes DFI Commitment to Resurface Chapel Road

Sinn Féin councillor Valerie Harte has welcomed a commitment from DFI to carry out a long overdue resurfacing of Chapel road in Newry.

The Newry City Councillor said:

“After much work on behalf of residents of commons way, and constituents using the local household recycling centre, I’m glad to have a commitment from DFI to carry out these long overdue works. 

“They have said that the works are to be carried out in the coming financial year, subject to budget availability. 

“There have also been some remedial works carried out in the meantime to patch the worst of the damage.

“I have asked that the resurfacing of Chapel road be flagged as a high priority, given how much traffic uses the road on a daily basis. 

“Sinn Féin will continue to press DFI to ensure that these works are delivered for local residents, and all who use this road, as soon as possible. 


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