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British Government Learns Nothing from Decade of Austerity – O’Dowd

Sinn Féin MLA John O’Dowd has said that the British Government continues to deny nurses and public sector workers a fair pay rise and that it has learned no lessons after a decade of austerity.

The MLA said:

“The Tory austerity over the past decade has decimated public services. The most vulnerable people have been pushed further into poverty as a result.

“The Tories have reimposed cuts while refusing to give nurses and other public sector workers a fair pay rise, but are happy to give tax breaks to bankers. They have learned no lessons.

“Wages in the north are significantly lower than in Britain, however, levels of fuel poverty continue to be significantly higher.

“Despite this, the British Government decided  that people in the north would get less support than people in Britain through the Energy Price Guarantee from the 1st of January. Yet another example of the Tories disregarding the people of the north.

“Ordinary people living in Upper Bann are frustrated, having their electricity and gas prices rise from the beginning of the year, while the British government is saving tens of millions of pounds. 

“That money should be given to the Executive to provide support to help people insulate their homes and make modifications that would help them permanently reduce their energy bills. 

“An Executive needs to be formed today so that all parties can tackle the cost of living crisis together. Sinn Féin are ready to go back tomorrow.” 


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