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‘Reconsider Funeral Charge’ – Grant

Newry Cathedral Parish has been urged to reconsider its decision to impose a charge of £350 on bereaved relatives for the use of the church for funeral services.

The call comes from Workers Party representative Nicola Grant after the parish notified local funeral directors of the additional charge.

” I have contacted the parish to urge then to reconsider and reverse what is an unnecessary and insensitive penalty on bereaved and grieving families”, Nicola said.

“Given the considerable financial support which parishioners have given to the church over many, many years , and the churches own extensive resources, expecting bereaved families to pay an arbitrary £350 is completely unacceptable”, Nicola added

“Many people turn to their church for comfort, guidance and emotional support at a time of a family bereavement. This decision places an additional financial burden at a time of grief and mourning. It will be seen by may as an insensitive attempt to cash in on parishioner’s grief”, she added.

“I have made these points in my letter to Canon Brown and to the Diocesan Office and look forward to a positive response, Nicola concluded


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