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Christianity Should Not Be Cancelled in Schools – Lockhart

Speaking in Westminster during a debate on Religious Education in schools, Upper Bann MP Carla Lockhart has called for efforts from certain lobby groups to cancel Christianity from Religious Education in schools to be resisted.

During the debate, the DUP MP said:

“In Northern Ireland we recently had an outrageous court judgment that declared that exclusively Christian RE lessons in primary schools are unlawful.

In my mind, this ruling reveals the real agenda of so many: the removal of Christianity from school settings. In this broken land and society, we are seeing the breakdown of the family unit and soaring rates of suicide, born out of hopelessness. Surely the teaching of love, hope and charity within Christianity is what society needs more of, not less of?”

The Upper Bann representative added:

“Activists have stated their aims as wanting Religious Education to be taught in a way that is “objective, critical, and pluralistic, and inspected in line with other curriculum subjects”.

When one considers this stated aim it is worth noting that currently parents are able to withdraw their children from this teaching, and that there is already scope for teaching on other religions and worldviews in the existing curriculum.

By ignoring these facts activists reveal their real agenda. The removal of Christianity from school settings. It is deeply regrettable that our courts seem to also ignore these realities.

We must stand firm against this aggressive agenda. The teaching of Christianity in schools must be protected, and I would urge the Government to stand firm in rejecting this anti-Christian crusade.”


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