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SDLP Actively Promote “Normalisation” of British Occupation – Saoradh Newry

Recent comments from the SDLP’s Justin McNulty calling for the “normalisation” of the British Courthouse in Newry comes as no surprise according to the Revolutionary Republican Party Saoradh.

Reacting to the watery stoop statement Saoradh’s Newry Representative Stephen Murney said “Going by Justin McNulty’s statement the SDLP are happy enough to have the apparatus of British occupation in place as long as it doesn’t look bad.

“It is from these buildings that Irish citizens are persecuted, punished and interned in prison by the British state. I myself was Interned by remand from this very courthouse before I was found to be innocent of the political charges laid against me.”

The former prisoner continued “The SDLP and others claim direct lineage to the civil rights movement in the 1960’s and portray themselves as champions of human and civil rights.

“Yet today in 2022 they ignore severe human rights abuses taking place right under their noses. They ignore the fact that an unelected British overlord can incarcerate Irishmen with no crime, trial and at times not even a meagre court appearance.

“By their deafening silence on these issues the SDLP, Sinn Féin and Unionist Alliance are complicit in Internment and other acts of repression.”

Murney finished by saying “There shouldn’t be any British courts in Ireland at all it’s as simple as that. Maybe someday Justin and the SDLP will call for their complete removal rather than the lick of paint approach.”


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