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Ratcliffe Comments on Abuse Directed at Royal Black in Armagh

TUV Newry and Armagh representative Keith Ratcliffe has slammed those who recently abused the Royal Black at a parade in Armagh City.

TUV Newry and Armagh spokesman Keith Ratcliffe:

“Last weekend we witnessed the next instalment of the on-going sectarian campaign which is being waged against the Unionist community in Newry and Armagh.

“On Saturday evening, as members of Primatial Royal Black District Chapter No. 4 were parading their home city of Armagh, they were subjected to a tirade of abuse and hatred. 

“Those on parade are to be heartily commended for carrying themselves with deportment, and thus upholding the values and ethos of the Royal Black Institution, in the face of such hostility. 

“In recent times we have heard ‘Up the Ra ’ chanted from party platforms, festival stages and in our town centres. When a governing party is complicit, why should we be surprised when people feel emboldened to engage in such bigotry? Despite the on-going campaign to rewrite the history of the past, we must continue to challenge this poisonous and dangerous narrative which is permeating our society. 

“We particularly remember the 16 members of Primatial District who lost their lives as a result of Republican terrorism, and we acknowledge how particularly hurtful this video will be for their families and friends. 

“Members of the Unionist community have a right to celebrate our cultural identity in the public sphere in peace. If we are to live in a tolerant and shared society, it must apply unequivocally.

“We call on Sinn Fein to call out this attack on our community and the attack on the notions of shared space and tolerance.

“Additionally, there is an onus on the PSNI to bring those responsible to justice given their repeated attempts to provoke a reaction.”


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