Constituency Crime Government Newry Newry and Armagh Westminster

Brady Seeks Urgent Meeting with PSNI to Tackle Local Burglary Issues

Sinn Féin MP Mickey Brady has sought a meeting with the PSNI in response to the high level of Burglaries in the district.

The Newry and Armagh MP said:

“The number of burglaries being carried out in the area is deeply concerning, particularly the 44 reported in the Ballybot ward.

“I would strongly encourage residents to be extra vigilant and look out for their neighbours.

“In some cases the residents have actually been in their homes when the burglars entered, putting the families inside at serious risk.

“I will be urging the Police to increase their patrols in this area in an attempt to better prevent burglaries from taking place.

“If anyone has information about these burglaries then I encourage them to contact the PSNI”.


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