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McKevitt Welcomes New Campaign on Careless Driving

SDLP Crotlieve Councillor Karen McKevitt has welcomed a new road safety public information campaign highlighting the dangers and consequences of careless driving.

The campaign was announced by SDLP Infrastructure Minister Nichola Mallon on Monday.

It is due to launch by the autumn on TV, radio, social media and bus rear advertising.

Cllr. McKevitt said: 

“I welcome the campaign by SDLP Infrastructure Minister Nichola Mallon to highlight and educate people about the consequences of careless driving on our roads. While huge progress has been made over the last few years we must do everything in our power to lower the number of deaths and serious injuries that occur, one death is too many and leaves behind devastated family and friends whose lives will never be the same.

“Careless driving is the primary cause of deaths and serious injury on our roads and people need to wake up to the dangers. If this awareness campaign saves just one life it will be worth it and given its scope it has the potential to be far-reaching, reminding people to take care and not engage in dangerous behaviours.

“This campaign is the latest example of delivery from SDLP Minister Mallon, while the DUP have selfishly moved to collapse the Executive and halt progress in a vain attempt to shore up their own electoral failings, Minister Mallon is determined to use what’s left of this Assembly term to finish as she started – delivering for local people.”


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