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O’Dowd Votes to Ban Zero Hours Contracts

Sinn Féin MLA John O’Dowd has welcomed progress on a Sinn Féin bill to Ban Zero Hour Contracts being imposed on workers and instead introducing banded hours.  

The Bill is designed to ensure no worker is forced to work zero hour contracts unless they explicitly state the arrangement suits them.

Speaking in the Assembly during the Bill debate Mr O’Dowd said:

It is shocking that, in 2022, we are discussing legislation to improve the rights of workers who remain on zero-hours contracts.

It is shocking that we have people in work now who are on zero-hours contracts and do not know whether they will be working tomorrow. They might be working on Wednesday. 

They might be called into work on Thursday but sent home because the work that was expected is not there, and, by Friday, they may not be sure what money they have to pay the gas bill, feed or clothe the children or pay the mortgage or the rent. That is the situation for many people who work on zero-hours contracts. 

It is long past time that the Assembly brought forward this legislation, and I commend my party colleague Jemma Dolan  for bringing this legislation before the Assembly ‘ 


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