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Irwin Concern on Daisy Hill Emergency General Surgery Withdrawal

Newry & Armagh DUP Assemblyman William Irwin MLA has asked the Health Minister to outline a plan for the reinstatement of Emergency Surgery at Daisy Hill hospital.

Mr Irwin was speaking after the Trust made a decision to temporarily withdraw Emergency General Surgery at the location.

Mr Irwin said that whilst the safety of patients was the highest priority in any health care setting, it could not be ignored that concerns are then heightened amongst the public for the future of other associated services.

He said, “This is a concerning situation and of course the safety of patients is the utmost priority and everyone recognises this. I am however mindful that the longer emergency surgery is not being carried out at the site, then the greater the risk to other associated services.”

He continued, “It is easy to see how community concerns over these associated services and the provision of accessible services at Daisy Hill are heightened for people. We have in the past witnessed these situations develop where services are subject to disruption in various circumstances and then there are question marks placed above them, this has the effect of unsettling people.”

He stated, “I want to see the Consultant vacancies filled as quickly as possible and the service restored to full capacity, that must be a priority for the Health Minister and I have asked him to swiftly outline his plans in this regard.”

He concluded, “My party will provide whatever support is required to assist in restoring the situation to normality and providing long-term stability for Daisy Hill. The hospital is a vital resource serving a large geographical area and it is important that services are retained and resourced appropriately.”


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