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O’Dowd Extends Condolences to Family of Ashling Murphy

Sinn Féin MLA John O’Dowd has extended his solidarity and condolences to the family of Ashling Murphy and highlighted the urgency of tackling violence against women and girls.

Speaking after attending a vigil in Lurgan town centre in her memory Mr O’Dowd said :

“My thoughts are with Ashling’s family, her friends, her pupils and colleagues at school and the whole community in Tullamore who are facing unimaginable heartbreak. The entire country is reeling from this horrendous attack which has seen a woman’s life cut short.

“Violence against women and girls, and the fear of it, is far too common and blights the lives of women and girls across the country. Harassment is the norm, not the exception. Women have the right to be safe on their streets and in their homes. Yet too often, they are not.

“It’s not every man but it is every woman’s experience.

“We have seen an outpouring of grief, fear and solidarity in the last few days. Women of all ages are sharing their experiences of the everyday abuse and hassle they get on the streets, in their workplaces or when out with friends. Too many are also not safe in their own homes.

“Surely now is the time for us to come together to say enough is enough. To agree as society that we have no truck with any expression or act of abuse or violence against our women and girls.

“We cannot not allow our daughters, sisters, wives and mothers to grow up with fear. Enough is enough.”


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