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Is Long-Term Leasing a Housing Crisis in Waiting? – Byrne

Each year the Council sets out its aims and targets for delivery of its services and this year’s plan has been described as ‘vague, un-ambitious and a missed opportunity’ by Sinn Féin Councillor Joanna Byrne but she was especially critical of the inclusion of the ‘Long Term Leasing’ delivery plans.

Cllr Byrne is opposed to Long Term Leasing as a policy describing it as a “Government policy that works in the short term to reduce numbers on the housing list but is kicking the can down the road with consequences for tenants.”

Cllr Byrne said “Long-term Leasing is conning people out of their waiting time on the housing list and the long term consequences of it remains to be seen. It is a housing crisis in the making in 20 years’ time when all these people lose their homes at the one time.

“I understand that it is a tool used to manage the current housing crisis but it should definitely not be an objective of any Local Authority. We should be aiming to provide good quality social homes for life.”


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