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Words Without Matching Action Won’t Cut It, Foreign Secretary! – TUV

TUV leader Jim Allister has slammed UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss for her recent remarks in a Sunday Telegraph interview stating that we need to get on with the demolition of the NI Protocol.

Mr Allister stated:

“If Liz Truss means what she said in the Sunday Telegraph, namely, “I will not sign up to anything … which still sees goods moving within our own country being subject to checks.”, then, she must extract us from the EU’s single market for goods, customs code and vat regime and end our subjection to EU laws and court.

“This is what is required to end all checks on inter-UK trade.

“My major problem with the Foreign Secretary’s words is that they jar with what her government has been arguing for months in response to the judicial review challenge in which I and others are involved.

“Through their senior counsel HMG has defended the very arrangements she now verbally disavows and in doing so has blithely and approvingly spoken of the Protocol subjugating the Acts of Union.

“So, if HMG now accepts the folly of the Protocol, in all its parts, then, get on with its demolition.

“Strong words are fine, but they need to be matched by actions. Empty rhetoric, like empty threats from some in unionism, only buy more time for the Union-dismantling Protocol to bed in further.”


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