Climate Community Louth

Solar Bins Welcomed at Clogherhead, Co. Louth

Sinn Féin Councillor Tom Cunningham has welcomed the arrival of several new solar bins at Port Beach and Little Strand Beach and described the new additions to the area as ‘helping in the on-going battle to keep our beaches clean.’

In June 2019 Councillor Cunningham successfully brought a motion to the Council asking for an investment into these solar bins outlining their advantages.

  • The solar powered bins compacts the waste within it and can hold 10 times more rubbish.
  • The bins have cloud based software that provides information to the Council/Local Authority when it is full and requires emptying.
  • The bins are climate friendly as well as being more cost effective
  • They are designed to keep seagulls and rodents out through flaps
  • They have pedals so people don’t have to use their hands to open/close them
  • They will lead to cleaner beaches, less overflowing bins and cleaner surrounding areas

Speaking at the weekend, Cllr Cunningham said “we have been waiting over two years but I am delighted to see them appearing at Port Beach and Little Strand Beach. They will certainly help in the fight against litter on our beaches.

“I want to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank the many individuals and groups who regularly maintain our beaches to their high standards and helping us achieve the honour of being named as one of the cleanest in the country by the Irish Business Against Litter group.

“I also want to note my appreciation to Louth County Council who increased the regularity of the emptying of bins last summer as crowds flocked to the area.

“Hopefully these bins will ease the pressure and encourage people to dispose of their litter and any that is washed up, responsibly.”


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