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McKevitt: Lyons Silence on Spend Local Scheme Unacceptable

SDLP Crotlieve Councillor Karen McKevitt has said that a DUP Minister’s silence on the problems faced by people still trying to access their spend local cards is unacceptable.

Cllr. McKevitt said Economy Minister Gordon Lyons has gone into hiding as people report serious difficulties with the high-profile scheme. 

Cllr. McKevitt said:

“The Spend Local cards were advertised as the DUP’s showcase economic policy for COVID recovery. Indeed, the Economy Minister was keen to be pictured with oversized cardboard cut-outs of the cards in every main street in Northern Ireland. 

“After being beset by delays and technical difficulties, however, the Minister is nowhere to be seen. Rather than addressing the serious concerns that people have, including those who were left standing at tills suffering the embarrassment of cards that wouldn’t work, Gordon Lyons is ducking the tough questions. There are people in every town across the North who didn’t even receive their cards. 

“What we need now are solutions. The scheme should be extended to those who were unable to access it through no fault of their own. The Minister needs to come forward quickly to address the situation.”


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