Agriculture Crime South Armagh

South Armagh Farmer Sentenced Following Animal Welfare Investigation

Mr John Thomas (Sean T) Murphy (64), Carnally Road, Carnally, Newry was convicted at Newry Magistrates’ Court today on one charge of causing unnecessary suffering to animals, one charge of leaving animals unattended, one charge of failing to comply with a duty imposed under animal welfare regulations, one charge of failing to isolate an animal with tuberculosis, one charge of failing to notify the movement of fourteen cattle off his premises and one charge of failing to notify the births of eight cattle.

Mr Murphy was convicted and fined £2,100, received two years’ imprisonment suspended for two years on the last two charges plus a £15 offender levy.

The case arose from a number of discrepancies found during a cattle identification inspection carried out by DAERA’s Welfare and Enforcement Branch. They were also tasked with the seizure of a tuberculosis reactor which Mr Murphy had failed to present for collection and slaughter. The reactor animal was found mixing with other animals in breach of the isolation notice. During their inspection they found a number of animals suffering unnecessary pain and distress and animals in need of veterinary attention.


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