Community Health Politics

Alliance Party Supports Introduction of Vaccine Passports

Speaking on the recent debate surrounding the introduction of vaccine passports Alliance Party leader Naomi Long said:

“Those who are vaccinated are less likely to become seriously ill and if they are not seriously ill, they are less likely to put pressure on the health service.

Therefore, we support the introduction of vaccine passports when looking at optional events, particularly when social distancing is difficult or impossible. We would not support them in relation to accessing public services.”

“Other measures are also needed to deal with COVID-19, as passports are not the only thing which will deal with the rising levels of COVID in the community. Primarily we need people to take personal responsibility.

However, the time to introduce vaccine passports was when additional relaxations were being made. It begs the question as to what has gone wrong, given we were given assurances at that time by the Health Minister doing this on a voluntary basis would be adequate, and we’ve been told since venues have been complying with that.”


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