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Councillor Harold McKee Joins TUV

Following his resignation from the Ulster Unionist Party Mournes Councillor Harold McKee wishes to express his gratitude to the vast number of people who have wished him well on his departure from the Ulster Unionist Party and his political direction into the future. Since making his resignation announcement public, Councillor McKee has received an overwhelming number of positive messages of support on social media and via phone calls. 

Councillor McKee said:

“I would take this opportunity to thank all those who took the time to message and phone me, not only local people in Newry Mourne and Down, but also across the whole of Northern Ireland.

“It is often the case when a member leaves a political party that they receive offers from other parties to have a chat with members or indeed the leader to discuss potential future membership. Once again, I would thank those from other unionist parties for their words of encouragement in upholding my Christian faith in the political arena and their offers to have a conversation on my political direction.

“Whenever I left the Ulster Unionist Party I notified the CEO of Newry, Mourne and Down District Council of my intention to become an Independent Councillor for the immediate period to allow some time before deciding what my political future holds.

“While I had no intention of making a move to any party anytime soon, I was drawn on the basis of many of my messages and phone calls towards Traditional Unionist Voice. This led me to read the TUV policies and manifestos which, having read, I believe I am very much in agreement. One of the newspaper articles referred to me as a traditional Unionist and to be honest that’s who I am. 

“Following discussions with TUV leader, Jim Allister, where I set out the importance of my Christian values as a politician, I have taken up an offer of another party much earlier than I had intended, but prayerfully and with the support of many other people’s prayers. 

“Like many people across Northern Ireland I appreciate the strong and principled leadership Jim has offered, particularly in recent days when it has come to the Northern Ireland Protocol which is undermining our position in the U.K. 

“I feel that the ethos of TUV and the ever-growing number of members joining the TUV, particularly in the South Down constituency, provides me with an opportunity to represent the best interests of the people of the Mournes.”

Welcoming Harold to TUV Jim Allister said:

“I am delighted to welcome Cllr Harold McKee to TUV. Harold is a conviction politician and as such is a good fit with TUV following his principled resignation from the UUP. I look forward to working with him in pursuit of the interests of the people of the Mournes area.

“Harold has led where other traditional unionists, ill at ease with the current direction of the UUP, or, indeed, the DUP, would be welcome to follow. Now is a time for unionists, resolute in their convictions and determined to fight back against the constant undermining of our position within the United Kingdom, to band together in strength. I am therefore grateful that more and more such unionists see TUV are their natural home.”


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