Saoradh Force St Paul’s School to Remove British Army Photos

Shortly after Saoradh slammed St Paul’s High School in Bessbrook yesterday [13th Oct] for bringing pupils to an event that included recruitment for the British Army, the photos disappeared from the school’s Facebook page.

Commenting on the issue Saoradh’s Newry representative Stephen Murney said “Saoradh’s Newry office were contacted by local people who were quite rightly angered at the fact that St Paul’s would allow pupils to be involved in such an event with British Army child killers.

“As a result of Saoradh’s intervention the school has clearly come under pressure for their disgraceful actions and in an attempt to back-track they have now deleted any photos of the British Army recruitment stalls.” 

Murney concluded “We are delighted that Saoradh condemning the school’s actions resulted in the photos being removed and we hope that this will deter any future involvement in similar pro-imperialist events that include the British Forces of occupation.”


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