Update on High Street Voucher Scheme



✅ The portal for applying for the £100 Voucher will open after 13th September and close on 11th October 2021.

💻 This will be done through the NI Direct website (

💰 You MUST use the full £100 by 30th November

⚠️ The Electoral Register will be the primary method of verification – if you are confirmed on the register you will receive your card. If you are not on the register, other databases will be used such as DVLA and DfC and finally an appeals process if you are not verified through those.

📞 A phone application process will be put in place for those who can’t do online application – including people with disabilities, no broadband/mobile coverage etc.

💻 There will be the ability to apply on behalf of someone else with their permission.

❗️ Work is being undertaken by the department for economy to ensure groups who may not be on the electoral register such as asylum seekers, people who are homeless or don’t have a permanent addresses, are able to have an application processed.


💳 The voucher will be in the form of a pre-paid card with £100 to spend in local businesses will be sent out to individuals following successful application.

❌ Certain restrictions will apply to what it can be used for – it can’t be used online or for gambling and certain financial services will be restricted.

🛍 Any retail business including social enterprises – shops, services such as hairdressers, beauticians, dentists etc, hospitality.

✦ Each card can be used for multiple transactions or multiple cards on a transaction.

❓You will be able to check the balance on your card if you don’t spend it all at once.

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