Significant Road Repairs Needed in Dublin Road Areas of Newry – Savage

URGENT significant repair works are to be carried out at three locations in the Dublin Road area of Newry after much needed and promised resurfacing has been delayed by up to two years as a result of recent pipe and cable laying by utilities companies.

Newry SDLP Councillor Michael Savage met with DFI Roads Service officials this week to discuss the delays to the resurfacing work at The Glen, Glen Hill Park and Cloughoge Heights which were scheduled within this financial year but have now been delayed due to warranty timelines associated with work carried out in recent months by the utilities companies.

Speaking on the issue Councillor Savage said:

“I have been working hard to get a commitment from Roads Service for the complete resurfacing of The Glen which is in an awful state of repair, Glen Hill Park which is like a patchwork quilt it has been patched that many times and Cloughoge Heights which is badly cut up in places particularly on the dangerous bend at the top of the hill.

“Some of these developments have not been resurfaced for decades and were deservedly scheduled in this financial year for complete resurfacing. Unfortunately utilities companies have moved in to these locations in recent months and carried out installation work, digging up the road surface and re-taring the stretches they have dug up. This work has a legal warranty of up to two years so Roads Service cannot carry out major resurfacing works until the warranty expires as this ensures that the roads surface will not sink when the new surface is applied.

“I know this is bitterly disappointing for residents in these three areas and the situation in The Glen is particular bad with many cars damaged by the potholes, however, Roads Service have agreed to walk the three areas with us in the coming weeks and will carry out significant repairs to the carriageways to ensure they hold until the complete resurfacing can go ahead.

“These areas will get their complete resurfacing when the warranties have expired and DFI Roads Service have given a firm commitment that the work will be carried out and stressed it would have been done this year had it not been for the utilities work being carried out. It is only prudent that we get this work out of the way so that when the resurfacing is carried out it will be interfered with again for many years.

“Roads officials have promised to carry out thorough repairs that will last for the duration of the warranties and have assured me that this will be more than pothole fixing with areas that need extensive patching being cut out and patched accordingly.”


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