Health Minister Robin Swann has welcomed the Health and Social Care workforce statistics published today providing a comprehensive breakdown on staffing levels across the HSC.

The statistical publication highlights the headcount across the HSC and shows a 21.2% growth to the overall workforce since 2012.

The Minister said: “The workforce census provides data on the staffing levels within the HSC in Northern Ireland and enables my Department to strategically plan for the future.  Since 2012 there has been a year on year increase in HSC staffing levels to help with the increasing demands being placed on the health service.  Unsurprisingly those demands have been compounded with the arrival of COVID-19 and whilst staffing continues to be a concern across the sector, it is heartening to see an increase of over 4% in registered nursing and midwifery staff since March 2020.  Some of the increase can be attributed to the workforce appeal and I thank everyone for coming forward to play their part at a time when the need has never been greater.”

Since 2012, the registered Nursing and Midwifery workforce has grown by 18.5%. 

Chief Nursing Officer Professor Charlotte McArdle said: “Registered Nursing and Midwifery staff represent 26% of the overall HSC workforce and play a safety critical role in delivering healthcare to the Northern Ireland population.  I am delighted we have over 2,200 more registered nurses and midwives providing a vital service in NI than in 2012. This is a result of a greater need for nursing and midwifery services. The value and contribution that Nurses and Midwives make has never been more evident than during the pandemic.  The compassion, expert skill and dedication shown by my colleagues has been highlighted like never before and I thank each and every nurse, midwife and support staff for their unwavering commitment in the face of adversity.”


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