Supporting Women Newry Condemn Rally Organised by Precious Life

On Saturday 3rd of July, Precious Life have organised local rallies throughout the island of Ireland and once again, have shown a complete disregard for the safety and wishes of the people of Newry. 

Their local rally is taking place at Fiveway’s Roundabout on the busiest day of the week at, arguably, the busiest time of the day. But their location not only propels the vile and horrendous images they use to harass and intimidate patients and staff outside Daisy Hill hospital, but it also creates a much wider risk to the general public. A motorist already crashed their car while being distracted by the confrontations outside health care facilities in Coleraine.  We can only imagine the catastrophe which could enfold at that busy intersection in Newry.

A spokesperson for Supporting Women Newry stated, “We will not be counter demonstrating on Saturday as our primary objective is to provide safe passage to health care for the patients, staff and visitors to all health and social care facilities in our town. Precious Life claim to be a pro-life organisation but their plans for Newry on Saturday show a wilful disregard for the health and safety of the people of Newry and those travelling through.  This is an accident waiting to happen as the traffic is already congested at this busy junction but we can only shudder at the thought of drivers being potentially distracted by Precious Life’s antics.  We call on the PSNI to seek Precious Life’s risk assessment of their intended rally and to undertake one themselves”.
Supporting Women Newry have been contacted by a growing following of people who do not want this bullying and intimidation. 

We have warned, in the past, that Precious Life and their associates could potentially not only cause mental and psychological harm but also cause accidents with their graphic imagery.  We believe that it is possible that Saturday becomes one such incident and given this risk, we call on Precious Life to cancel this blatant disregard for the health and safety of motorists and pedestrians alike.


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