Saoradh Newry Disrupt PSNI Events

Saoradh party members target two Crown Force “normalisation” events on Tuesday [June 22] with protests taking place in Newry and Meigh in South Armagh. Both events were disrupted as a result of peaceful protests.

In just over a fortnight this brings to a total of five RUC events that we have successfully cancelled or disrupted with legitimate political activism. 
These events have been organised by the “Policing and Community Safety Partnership” [PCSP] in conjunction with the forces of occupation, namely the “PSNI.”

These type of stalls take place under the guise of “community policing”, “Crime Prevention” and in this latest instance a “bike marking” event. Stunts like these are simply a meek attempt to promote the Crown Forces whilst glossing over the true nature of these forces who constantly target local Republican families, children included.


During the peaceful protest at Fiveways in Newry members of the RUC resorted to violence and manhandled a 15 year old girl. For the duration of this protest members of the armed militia also attempted to antagonise, bully and provoke in order to get a reaction. They failed miserabley and to their credit our party members remained peaceful and dignified.

 This is part of Saoradh’s campaign to expose the true nature of the Crown Forces. By their own actions at this event today, and a previous event in Camlough, they have vindicated our position.

 Some of the militia members who took part in this charm offensive included those who are directly involved in the harassment of local Republican families and their children.

Some of those very children who have been subjected to abuse and ill-treatment at the hands of those forces were present here today. We want to take this opportunity to thank those members of the public who took the time to voice their support for Saoradh. Such displays of public support clearly sapped the morale of the occupation forces.

The protest at Fiveways was brought to an end when the Crown Forces were forced to withdraw from the area.


The event in Meigh saw large numbers of Crown Force members surround the local community centre where the event was taking place. Several RUC  gunmen blocked the doors of the community facility blocking access as Republicans gathered outside. In a sinister move a woman who claimed to be in charge of the community centre photographed the protesters cars.

 For the entirety of this event no members of the public took part in the RUC charm offensive with more people protesting against the stunt than actually taking part.

 Peaceful protesters were videoed and threatened with arrest by state gunmen and in a ridiculous twist they were accused of trespassing on council property. This is despite the fact that the protesters are themselves ratepayers and that this was a public event that was advertised.

 Speaking from the party’s Newry office Saoradh’s Newry spokesperson Stephen Murney praised the protests “The normalisation of the British Forces of occupation has been shattered today by the RUC’s own actions and response to peaceful protest in Newry and South Armagh.

“This is another victory for Republicans as we continue to expose the true nature of Stormont’s military wing who relentlessly target the Republican community on a daily basis.”

 Murney concluded “Saoradh will continue to target future events in a radical and robust fashion.”


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