Saoradh Newry Condemn Planned Parades

Slamming the upcoming planned twelfth parades Saoradh’s Newry representative Stephen Murney said “As Covid restrictions ease and people get back to a sense of normality, sectarian bigots are straight of the traps to don bowler hats and sashes, the regalia of hate.

“Local residents from various parts of Newry have contacted our office recently with genuine concerns as to the number of sectarian parades due to be held next month.

“A total of ten parades are due to take place, one on the 10th July and nine on the 12th July. The latter take place both in the morning and afternoon resulting in an entire day of disruption for nationalist Newry.”

Murney added “It must be made clear that the areas in which the majority of these parades will take place are not even considered to be unionist/loyalist areas. They are in fact mixed areas and in some cases are considered to be predominantly nationalist.

“Most ordinary people are looking forward to getting back to the simple things in life. Yet the first thing on the minds of these bigots is to shut down large sections of Newry with sectarian hate parades.

 “This will result in large parts of Newry being shut down and as always will cause serious traffic disruption and inconvenience for local residents leading to an increase in community tensions. As soon as one virus eases another returns.”

Murney added “Long suffering local businesses who have already lost enough trade in recent times will be seriously effected by these sectarian displays, while local residents will be either too intimidated or unable to leave their homes due to the ring of steel that will be put in place by the British Crown Forces to facilitate these marches.

“As a party, Saoradh are vehemently opposed to all forms of sectarian bigotry and believe it has no place in society. 

“It should be rejected and opposed by all right minded people.”

🚫10th July South Down Defenders🚫12th July Parades at 10.30am and 13.30🚫12th July Hunter Moore have Parades at 10.15am and 13.15🚫12th July Newry LOL have Parades at 11.30am and 13.30🚫12th July Altnaveigh LOL🚫12th July Sheepbridge LOL have Parades at 10am and 13.45


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