Infrastructure Politics

Fuel Rip Off! – Workers Party

On a pro rata basis, motorists in Northern Ireland are estimated to have been overcharged by more than £4.5 million pounds last month. Despite the wholesale price of petrol dropping significantly, petrol retailers failed to pass that on at the pumps – ensuring a staggering level of profiteering. Petrol is not the only energy source […]


2021 Has Confirmed at Least Five Things That Many Already Knew – Workers Party

2021 has confirmed at least five things that many already knew. 1.We were only able to continue in the face of the global pandemic thanks to our key workers. From health and care staff, to drivers, maintenance teams, researchers, retail workers key service sectors and emergency services and their support structures, society continued to function […]

Health Politics

NHS Crisis, “A Long Project” – Workers Party

Every newspaper headline, news bulletin and radio phone-in programme in recent weeks has declared that the NHS is in meltdown: that the system is broken and is on the verge of collapse. What is seldom examined is exactly what the crisis is, how it has been caused and why it will continue under the present […]

Agriculture Politics

Climate Change, There Is An Alternative – Workers Party

Speaking at the Cop26 climate summit in Glasgow,  UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres told delegates that “…addiction to fossil fuels is pushing humanity to the brink”, saying “we face a stark choice – either we stop it, or it stops us. We are digging our own graves.” The warning is indeed stark, and the UN Secretary General has […]