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Staff and Services Must be Supported at Daisy Hill! – Brady

Sinn Féin MP Mickey Brady has said the Southern Trust must ensure that staff and services are properly supported at Daisy Hill Hospital.

The Newry and Armagh MP spoke after meeting with the board of the Southern Trust to discuss the recent resignation of a number of medical personnel from the hospital.

“Today we met the Chief Executive of the Southern Trust to discuss the recent exit of staff and to hear their plans for tackling this issue. 

“While we acknowledge the difficulties they are facing to recruit staff, we emphasised the need to resolve these issues quickly, especially given the uncertainty currently facing GP patients in South Armagh. 

“Resolving these issues must be a priority for the trust, they should engage with the health departments north and south to explore all possible options to address the situation. 

“Sinn Féin is committed to protecting and supporting the services at Daisy Hill and we will work together with everyone to accomplish this.

“We need an Executive formed now so that all parties can come together with locally elected ministers to deliver more investment into our health service to begin to tackle the crises it is facing.”


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