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McGrath Gives Full Support to Warrenpoint FC

SDLP South Down MLA Colin McGrath has expressed his full support for Warrenpoint FC following the IFA’s decision to refuse its application for a Championship License and Promotion License for participation next season.

Mr McGrath said:

“Like many political representatives, I was recently contacted by the management of Warrenpoint FC following the IFA’s decision to refuse its license application. Should the decision be taken to uphold this determination the consequences for the landscape of football across South Down would be disastrous. I understand the issue hinges on an honest administrative error, which has since been addressed, and so I would hope that this appeal could be made as expediently as possible.

“The work which has been done by Warrenpoint FC in the last number of years has been tireless to encourage as many people from as many backgrounds as possible, and as many ages as possible to fully participate in the life of the club. This has borne real fruit with the club now on the cusp of returning to the Irish Premier division, which only vindicates those members of the club and their supporters who have been working to make this a reality. 

“There is a real impetus on the IFA to address the matter and reverse their decision to grant the club’s license. I, alongside other political representatives, have since written to them on this and I would hope they would see sense and now do what needs to be done.”


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