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Young SDLP Newry Candidates Election Posters Ripped Down

SDLP Newry City candidate Doire Finn has taken to social media to condemn the removal of her posters in the city. The young election candidate has however been very upbeat about the incident.

“Post canvas today, I’ve noticed that posters have been ripped down.

I’ll be replacing Big Doire’s that have been destroyed but if everyone played fair on this front I’d be a happier bear xx”

Independent Cllr Gavin Malone also took to social media to condemned the incident:

“Once again we see disgraceful behaviour by members of the public who deliberately take down election posters. On this occasion Doire Finn’s SDLP posters were illegally removed by unscrupulous people who have no respect for democracy.

I call on anyone who witnessed this unacceptable behaviour to report it to the relevant authorities. Please respect our election and stop illegally removing election posters.”


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