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Derrybeg Residents Oppose The British Monarchy in Newry

Residents of a Newry housing estate have erected a number of banners expressing opposition to the upcoming coronation of Charles Windsor. The banners which were erected on the Camlough Road and a nearby flyover state “Derrybeg Says Stick Your Coronation – Abolish The Monarchy”.

Passing motorists sounded car horns in support as the banners were being put in place. The location of these displays ensures that they will be seen by thousands of people every day.

Local Saoradh member Anthony Coyle stated “The Derrybeg estate in Newry is a relatively small housing area consisting of roughly 400 homes. Despite it’s small stature this estate has borne the brunt of British occupation.

“Five IRA volunteers from the Derrybeg estate gave their lives from 1972 – 1991. One of those Volunteers, Michael Hughes, aged just 16 was murdered by the ROYAL Marines while another, Colum Marks, was murdered by the ROYAL Ulster Constabulary, now known as the PSNI.”

Anthony added “Children from the estate were also in their sights with 12 year old Kevin Heatley being shot dead by a soldier from the ROYAL Hampshire Regiment.

“Numerous other regiments of the British monarchy rampaged, beat, raided, jailed and shot the people of Derrybeg over the course of the past 50 years.

“The Parachute Regiment, of which Charles Windsor is colonel in chief of, were particularly notorious for their brutality and violence.

“Over the decades countless Derrybeg residents, including 6 women, have endured prison as a result of result of resisting and opposing British occupation from the 1970s to more recent years.”

Coyle finished by saying “The British monarchy have done nothing for the people of Derrybeg, Newry and Ireland as a whole and it is right that we call for the abolition of the outdated parasitic tradition.

“Saoradh were proud to assist with the sourcing and erection of this anti-imperialist display and did so at the request of the local community.”

“Stick Your Coronation – Abolish The Monarchy”


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