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Putting Sinn Fein at Head of Government Is Not The Way To Secure The Union!

Putting Sinn Fein – a party which exists to destroy Northern Ireland – at the head of government is clearly not the way to secure the Union. That was the words of TUV leader Jim Allister who has slammed the UK Prime Minister following an event at Queens University.

TUV leader Jim Allister said:

“Today’s closing address by the Prime Minister at the publicly funded event a Queen’s to celebrate a failed agreement was clearly misguided.

“Putting Sinn Fein – a party which exists to destroy Northern Ireland – at the head of government is clearly not the way to secure the Union.

“It is equally illogical to claim that a Stormont which is required by law to implement the Union dismantling Protocol will strengthen the Union. 

“Remember too that the Prime Minister heads a government which argued in court that the key provisions of Article Six of the Acts of Union are in suspension when it comes to Northern Ireland because of the Protocol.”

Jim Allister declined an invitation to tonight’s dinner at Hillsbrough Castle to celebrate the Belfast Agreement. His letter to the Prime Minister on the matter is reproduced below.

Dear Prime Minister,

I am in receipt of your invitation to the Gala Dinner to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Belfast Agreement.

I decline the invitation.

I find nothing to celebrate in the Agreement. It released hundreds of terrorists onto our streets, ushered terrorists into an executive through an absurd and unworkable system of government which, unsurprisingly, has failed time and time again, and it initiated the process of perpetual concessions, such as OTR letters, to keep republicans on board.

Moreover, the primary selling point of the Agreement to unionists was the supposed guarantee of consent to any constitutional change. This, of course, turned out to be a fraud and a deceit with the Supreme Court confirming it afforded no protection when a key provision of the Acts of Union, Article 6, was overridden by the Protocol. The subjugation of Article 6 is itself substantial and significant constitutional change. Constitutional change which is so profound that now Northern Ireland, colony-like, is subject to the laws of a foreign legislature and court. None of which is altered by your sham Windsor Framework.

So much for the much vaunted but fraudulent ‘consent principle’ in the Agreement you invite me to celebrate. No thanks!


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