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Public Meeting To Take Place in Keady on Saturday

A public meeting being held by local community group ‘Clean Keady’ is taking place in the Tommy Makem Arts and Community Center (TMAC) this Saturday 1st April at 1-2pm. The meeting has been organised by the chair of the group, Daniel Connolly, who hopes it will be attended by anyone who wishes to see Keady cleaned up, and aesthetically pleasing.

Speaking in advance of the meeting, Mr Connolly said:

“It is vital that we have a strong show of support at this meeting. For the last number of years, our town has been allowed to fall into a state of disrepair. We have broken glass and broken pavements in many places across Keady. General litter is commonplace, and moss is rife on the sides of buildings and on footpaths. Even the very signs at the entrance of the town are dirty, which sends a bad message to anyone visiting our beautiful home. There has been a real aesthetic decline recently.

Mr Connolly continued: “I am delighted that we’ve had lots of engagement for this public meeting. Lots of people have been reaching out to help out. There are a number of local issues which need urgent attention. We look forward to bringing attention to them, and forming an action plan to tackle them.”

“This meeting is open to everyone. We all love Keady, and we want to see it be the best it can be, for people who call it home, or who will in future”, concluded Mr Connolly. 


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